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Rumah Ku Gallery and Café is eye-catching with its tropical colours of bright orange and green. Enormous palm trees sway in the wind beckoning guests to visit.

By night, the garden is lit up with beautiful lights and stands out like a beacon along Jalan Universiti in Petaling Jaya. Parking is available within the grounds of the old-style bungalow.

The restaurant is divided into three sections: Malay Hall, Chinese Room and Indian Room. The tables in the Malay Hall are covered with colourful cotton batik fabrics while the marble tables in the Chinese Room have brocade table runners. The Indian Room, which can accommodate 12 diners, has brass bells on each table. There are also several tables in the garden and this is a popular spot with the evening crowd.

Rumah Ku really feels like a house. There are paintings on the walls, hanging candleholders, batik tablecloths and comfortable seating. Art and cuisine make this "home" unique. Every two or three months, Rumah Ku Gallery & Café will feature the works of a talented Malaysian artist.

The most significant part of the restaurant is the extraordinary cuisine. Rumah Ku serves an extensive menu of Indian Chinese and Western dishes.

"That way, nobody has to forgo any cravings if they want different types of cuisine," says owner Sunita Mahesan. Most of the Southern Indian recipes are from Sunita's mother who is of Indian and Ceylonese parentage. So one can expect Sothy - onions, turmeric and coconut gravy, and Sambar, a vegetable curry with long beans, potatoes and carrots. Acar, a medley of plum, nutmeg, ginger and olive pickles, complements the meat dishes well.

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